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Female Plumber who took a chance on her dream career

I came across Kelly on Instagram. Her feed consisted of some pretty inspirational pictures of her doing her day job, plumbing. I wanted to know more about her and her work and so that's why she is today's #wednesdayswarrior. Here is what Kelly had to say when I reached out to her with some questions:

Age: 31

Location: Philadelphia

Family: Mom of two

How did you get into plumbing?

I am a nursing school drop out. I was dying to get out of the restaurant business, so I followed in my farther's footsteps and went into the Philadelphia's plumbers local. I am a 4th generation plumber and I had no idea what I was doing when I started out.

Do you love plumbing?

Yes, I am a year out of my apprenticeship and I really couldn't think of anything else I would rather be doing. My job is physically demanding which is what I love. 

female plumber

Have you always wanted to be a plumber?

Yeah, I used to work for a plumbing company when I was in high school doing data entry. You would find me drooling on the keyboard ha ha). Not sure they would hire me now :)

What would you say to any girl who is thinking about becoming a plumber?

There is so much to take away from this career. I have to admit inter-personal relationships is a huge part of my love. There are day's that I struggle in a man's world, but I have been more than fortunate to work with some great guys. I always joke the older, the grumpier, the better! If I can have a productive day and make an old, grumpy blue collar enjoy a day in the field, I am as happy as a pig in...

Do you find it hard being the only girl?

I work in mostly commercial construction and there have been jobs when I have been the only woman for months and I've longed for more female company. Currently we have two new females going through the apprenticeship, but other than me, we have very few women who go into maintenance and my local has very few female representatives.

female plumber at work

Any final inspiring words?

I can promise you for every woman a man says isn't cut out for this line of work, I can point out 10 guys on the job who would be better placed behind a cash register or computer. The plumbing industry is tough and not for everyone, male or female, but the industry could use more qualified females. There are many things we can bring to the table. Many times in my career they have called on me for my ability over a man and that's not a competition, I'll surrender the drill if i think someone can do a better job. In a man's world we need to remember, anything a man can do there's a woman who can do it bleeding! So slide down and pass the wrench!

For more inspiration go follow Kelly on Instagram @tinyplumbergirl

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