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Female Mechanical Engineer Jess Share's her story

Jess is doing her masters in mechanical engineering in Switzerland, she previously studied for her bachelors in Canada where she studied Mechanical and Aeronautical engineering. Alongside studying Jess also has a Youtube channel and pod cast where she promotes STEM Jobs for girls and engineering as well as sharing other women’s stories. In her spare time Jess enjoys white water kayaking in her spare time.

Mechanical engineering careers are still dominated by men so I decided to  interview Jess to find out more about her work and her feelings towards educating and inspiring the next generation of girls to follow her footsteps into engineering. She is absolutely fits the criteria of “she who dare’s wins”.

Check out our interview below.


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For all you that can’t view the video, here is a brief summary of Jess’s answers below:

Were you ever exposed to engineering as a girl growing up?

“I wasn’t exposed to engineering, and wasn’t really sure what engineering was”

Are there other girls on your course or in the field of mechanical engineering

“Very few girls do engineering here in Switzerland”

Why do you think there aren’t enough female mechanical engineers?

“I don’t think it’s because girls aren’t interested”  I think that too many people believe “you have to be a genius, and that engineering is really hard and only genius can do it”

How do you survive a man’s world?

“I have no problem coping in a male dominated field, but of course it would be so much nicer if there were more women."

Do you have any problems working with men?

“The only problem I have been in this male dominated work is when people say little things like, oh that’s a man’s profession isn’t it”

What are some of the hardest challenges you find in engineering

“Things never work the way you want them too.”

What would you tell a girl who wants to pursue engineering?

There are millions of different ways to get to your end goal, and not to get lost in that there is only one path. That’s absolutely not true.

What do you enjoy about being an engineer?

I like the idea that I am working on something that is directly going to benefit people.

Why do you think there are not enough women and girls in STEM?

We are not marketing science properly to people.

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