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Crying at work, completely broken - My emotional breakdown

You might think being 9 weeks pregnant and managing a large construction site for the first ever time would be enough to emotionally break any level headed woman. I was no exception.  

12 years of working in construction and working my way up to project management, at the age of 33 I felt unstoppable. Anything they could do, I could do better was my mantra. So, here I was running the show working two jobs at once (one of the pitfalls of working for a small company) deadlines to meet and a site full of sub contractors and my own team of workers to manage.  Every day was a challenge and whilst this was my first big project, I felt completely confident in my ability to get the job done.

There was just one thing I hadn't taken into consideration, I was pregnant and growing a human on top of undertaking one of the biggest projects of my career so far wasn't going to be a walk in the park.

Initially my pregnancy didn't affect my work life, I made sure I was careful (more so than usual on site) and kept my constant feeding and weak bladder a hidden secret. Nine weeks pregnant in and I had what I can only describe as a colossal break down, yeah worse than Birtney's 90's head shave break down. I seriously lost my shit! there were tears a hard hat throwing fit and full on emotional break down.

let's rewind to that day, It was early morning and I arrived late to work, I physically couldn't get my ass out of bed.  I also had to pull over on the way and eat my own body weight in McDonalds breakfast wraps just to stop be eating the rubber off my steering wheel. The job itself was going well, we were on schedule, the clients were happy and as far as I was aware the Bosses were happy.  I had an issue with a colleague who wasn't pulling his weight in assisting the management of the site, but I felt I had this issue under control.

Dealing with "difficult" characters comes part and parcel with a managerial job in construction and that day would seem no different, wrong! It would probably take me a lifetime to explain what actually happened, so instead check out the vlog I made straight away after "the episode". 


If you have ever lost your shit at work, know that you are not alone.  Some days you just can't hold back those tears and it is never something you should be ashamed of! Hell, I literally lost my shit and ended up crying like a baby in a McDonalds car park for God's sake!



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